Weekend Buzz Filming

Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres getting ready to film an episode of Weekend Buzz with Erica Yary and Rob Brink.

The studio.

Vanessa Torres signing the wall.

No big deal, just a few legends on the ramp out the window behind us.

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Vans Mini with Nora Vasconcellos

Fun Vans mini ramp session with Nora Vasconcellos. "Call my Dad!"  

Blog Cam #59 - Vans Mini Ramp with Nora Vasconcellos

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Garvanza Session

Garvanza session with Nora Vasconcellos, Kristi Sanders and Cheryl Jumao-as.

Kristi Sanders frontside smith.

Katta Sterner was in town visting from Sweden.

Katta Sterner kickflip.

Kristi Sanders frontside rock.

Nora Vasconcellos floating around.

Cheryl Jumao-as getting those clips!

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Pomona Session with Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard boardsliding jersey barrier.

Always hucking herself.


Vianez Morales visiting from Puerto Rico.

Frontside boardslide.

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Super Trick Saturday

Annika Vrklan and Amelia Brodka.

Amelia Brodka.

Annika Vrklan.

Gaby Ponce.

Blog Cam #58 - Super Trick Saturday with Annika Vrklan.

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