Lacey Starts College!


Lacey Baker is now a Freshman at the Art Institute of California!



Congratulations Bagel!



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Cone Hopping and Ditch Skating


A few of the girls had gotten a call about an audition for a girl skateboarder in the valley.  Once I heard who all was going I
decided to go as well, I thought it would be entertaining, I would get some funny photos and we could film afterwards.  
Unfortunately once we go there I realize I had forgotten my camera bag at home.  After ollieing over a few cones for the
camera Amy, Alex, Mimi and I went street skating.



Alex "I Love Banks" White had never been to the Griffith park ditch and got a little excited when it was mentioned.



It was good to have Mimi Knoop street skating with us.  She had some sick no comply to tails.  Too bad I only had my slow
iphone camera to document.



Gossip Girls!



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Double D Street Contest


Wicked Wahine's BamBam, Gro's Courtney Payne-Taylor and the girls at the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest.



There were a couple new faces skating the Double D contest.



This is the future.



Rosa Navarro won best trick and is one to watch.



Jamie Gaudio and 2nd place winner Kora Grzyb reppin' Silly Girl.



Taylor Beatty from Florida with her 1st place winnings.



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Double D Bowl Contest


Amy Caron came out to lurk at Wicked Wahine Double D Bowl contest.



Julie Westfall carving the backyard pool.



Alex Harper from Las Vegas grinding the deep end.



Ocea and her son supporting the girls.



Olivia Rohde slashing as usual.



Mandy Esch clearing over the death box.



Abby Zsarnay grinded over the steps in the steep shallow, had big airs and squeezed in a blunt to fakie which landed her in



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Supergirl Jam Venice


This year the Supergirl Jam was held just off the boardwalk in Venice Beach.  Tamara Drybrough frontside boardslide.



Unfortunately Renata Ruiz hurt her knee during practice and was unable to compete.  Next year!



Spectators and ocean view from the course.



Candy Jacobs skated well and made her way into the finals before re-spraining her ankle half way through.



Elizabeth Nitu made it to the finals as well.



Amy Caron, Vanessa Torres and Alexis Sablone took the podium spots.



Amy walked away with $5000 and a giant check for her win.



Renata Ruiz and her Heat Co. friends.  Check out her board!



The crew lurking after the contest. stickers...finally!

Supergirl Jam 2009 Video

Supergirl Jam 2009 Photos



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