Spot Checking in SF


Evelien, Abisha and Morgen had never been to San Fransisco before, so we decided to check out the
city and a few famous spots before the drive home.



Morgen Lester crooks.



Evelien Bouilliart front blunt.



During an attempt to kickflip the rock gap at 3rd & Army Kristina hyper extended her knee and minutes
later Abisha rolled her ankle.  2 down in 10 minutes.  No luck at this spot and time to move on...slowly.



The Thrasher Wallenberg contest is next weekend and $1000 is being offered to the first girl to ollie the
big 4.  Evelien couldn't wait to check it out.  She will be back.



Beth, Staycee and Erica spectating.  Who brings Fruity Pebbles to a skate spot? 



The cripples.



Erica invited us to stay at her house so we took her up on the offer and a chance to skate one more day.
Thanks Erica!  What happens in the closet stays in the closet.




Blog Cam 5/24/09



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Girls Summer Gathering


Lacey, Abisha, Evelien, Morgen and I squeezed into my little car for the 6 hour drive up to Ripon.



We drove through the night then stopped at a motel for some sleep before the event.  Morgen was up
early to skate a barrier she spotted just outside our room.



Amy and Erica were there to greet us as we pulled up.



Soon more and more girls trickled in to take over the park.



Amy was on the loud speaker all day selling raffle tickets.



Vanessa Torres sweepin'.



Van Nguyen of Villa Villa Cola fame.



Amy blasting an ollie over the hip.



Kristina Narayan drove down from Oregon to slash.



Morgen impressed the crowd during the game of s.k.a.t.e., but in the end Lacey walked away the winner
and pocketed all the raffle money.



After a long day in the sun we walked across the street for pizza and more good times.



We all made new friends.



After the long day of skating the girls wanted more, so Frank and Ladonna invited us to "The Ranch" for
a bowl session into the night.

View photo gallery.
Watch video. 



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Pink Pant Sunday


Lacey, Evelien and Ana Paula checking the photo after Evelien took a gnarly slam, then got back up
and got her trick 2nd try.  First spot of the day and 1 trick down.



Last time we were at this spot Evelien was behind the camera.  Ha!



Alex White killing it!



Leticia, Monica and Liza hanging out at the park.



Evelien Bouilliart backside 5-0.



Leticia Bufoni frontside lipslide.



Lacey and Donna in a Mother's Day hug.



Blog Cam 5/10/09

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Pro-Tec Pool Party


Julie Kindstrand smiling in relief after 1st place runs.



Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and and 12 year old ripper Priscilla Lee.



Donna, Mimi, Karen, Leticia, Ana Paula and Liza hanging out.



Alex Harper and Megan Brown won some cash.



The Skateboard Moms were there showing support.



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Skateboard Moms at Vans


This morning I went down to the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA to check out the Skateboard Mom's 5th
annual Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama.  A handful of women traveled from all around California, Arizona
and even Misssouri to spend their Mother's Day skating with friends and having a good time. 

Check out the amazing and inspiring stories of some of these women on The Skateboard Mom's Blog.

Happy Mother's Day to all you Skateboard Mom's out there! 



Skateboard Moms Video Part 1



Skateboard Moms Video Part 2



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