Mellow Day at the Park


Brazilians striking a pose at the skate plaza...again.



Monica and Patiane decided to skip the skate session and go surfing instead.  Monica was so eager 
she started catching imaginary waves in the dirt. 



We didn't want to deal with getting kicked out of any spots, so we all agreed on a fun day at the park.  
Leticia backside 5-0.



Evelien boardslide.



Abisha backside 50-50.



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Want To Play Me Skate?


The second the girls rolled into the plaza today they were challenged to multiple games of s.k.a.t.e. and 
bombarded with 20 questions.  "Are you sponsored?", "How many stairs can you ollie?", "Can you do a
hardflip?", "Can you skate the rail?"  ...Evelien answered one of the questions with a frontboard.



Abisha getting in a frontside 5-0 between the constant questioning.



Evelien Bouilliart.



Yes, Abisha can varial flip and 360 flip the stairs.



Evelien is up for the kickflip challenge.



On the way to the car we ran into Yesi who was really excited to see us.  She said she had never seen
other girls skate before.  We invited her to the next spot with us and got her to film a couple tricks for
the blog.



Ana Paula, Yesi, Abisha and Evelien at the spot.



Afterwards we went to the Ellington's for lunch with friends.  Liza from Check It Out magazine was
talked into taking a couple runs on the mini ramp even though she wasn't dressed for the occasion.



Patiane joined in as well.



Fun afternoon with friends.



Abisha's 19th birthday is tomorrow, so we surprised her with some cupcakes.



Seconds later they were getting smashed in faces.



Thanks for having us over Luci!



Evelien and baby Mya.



Blog Cam 4/26/09 Footage.  (You'll have to wait for the video for all the tricks.)



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Saturday Session


After the Vans clinic we ended up hanging out in the parking lot for awhile and Mimi gifted me with a
Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves.  It was an exciting day already.



Abisha and Evelien entertained us with their dance party.



After getting a bite to eat we decided to check another spot from the iskateboard spot list that I had
never been to.  There were a few small sets of stairs, but nothing like the description or what we had in



On the way back to the cars I looked over to see Cara-Beth and Mimi hyperly skating a small curb and
flat ground with the biggest smiles on their faces.  Seeing the vert girls street skating made my day.



Slowly the heat started getting to everyone and one by one we all ended up under the shade tree and
knew it was time to go.



Blog Cam 4/18/09



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Lunch With Friends


Evelien and Micaela had a meeting with etnies today regarding the upcoming Poseiden Mexico Tour
they are doing in June.  Their meeting was ending just about my lunch time and there was talk of
skating afterward so I planned to meet them for a quick session.



We planned on meeting Lauren at the park, but ended up taking longer than expected and missed her.



Everyone was hungry and I was short on time, so we just had lunch instead.



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Vans Girls Clinic


There was a good turn out at the girls clinic at the Vans Skatepark in Orange this weekend.  Everyone
had a good time and most of the girls walked away with a couple new tricks in their bag.



A few of the Skateboard Moms showed up.



Cara-Beth Burnside and friend.



Evelien Bouilliart, Amy Caron and Alex White.



Vans Girls Skate Clinic 2009 Video




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