Windy Sunday


This morning when I woke up to a wet yard and thought our skate plans would be scratched, but Ana
Paula assured me it was dry at her place so I picked up Lacey and Cameron and headed north.



After meeting up with Ana Paula and Leticia we went back to a ledge spot we went to the weekend
before.  The ground was dry, but big gusts of wind were making it hard to skate...Leticia found other
ways to stay entertained.



We spent the rest of the day driving around the city checking out spots.



We'll be back!



Blog Cam Footage



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Stunt Show and Slalom Course


Amy stopped by to distract me from work today.  It started with a stunt show in the parking lot...



...then it moved inside where she demonstrated her slalom skills before having to head back to school.



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Another Skirtboarder in Town


Frédérique Luyet from the Montreal Skirtboarders crew contacted me letting me know she was visiting
LA, so we made plans to skate today and met up at the new LA Skate Plaza.


After a warm up session Frédérique and her friends Simon and Chris came along with us to skate a few
other spots.



Leticia had something in mind that she wanted to film for our new video "That's Blogable!" that's in the
works, so we started off at her spot in a nearby school yard.  She got her trick, but you will have to wait
for the video to see it...not blogable!  Ha!



Frédérique prefers more tranny and banks, so we hit up the Bronson banks and a couple skateparks
that were more her style.


Unfortunately the first park required full pads and we didn't have them all.  Leticia ended up borrowing
some toddler sized knee pads and attempted to shred the park without bending her knees too much.  
If she did they would pop off!


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Lazy Day


Today Lacey and I met up with Leticia and Ana Paula at a LA school yard.  They thought ahead and
brought a broom to clean the the run up around the ledge.



Lacey warming up while Leticia watches.



Leticia wasn't feeling good today, so she took it easy.



Ana Paula made her feel a little better with some funny portraits.



Afterwards we went back to the new LA Plaza so Lacey could check it out.



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Day At The Ellingtons


Today I spent the day with the Brazilian girls at Erik and Luciana's house in Hollywood.  These girls are
responsible for opening a lot of doors for female skateboarders in Brazil and all over with their magazine
Check It Out.  After visiting for awhile and having a delicious lunch a session started on their mini ramp
over looking the city.



Leticia and the city.



One of Erik's bearings broke on his second run, but it didn't seem to phase him.  Bearingless smith grind.



Leticia backside smith.



Ana Paula and Leticia.






Luciana, Julius and Mya.



After the session we joined Liza and Julius for some Play-Doh fun.


Leticia and Erik's mini ramp session.

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