Saturday Session


After the Vans clinic we ended up hanging out in the parking lot for awhile and Mimi gifted me with a
Snuggie, the blanket with sleeves.  It was an exciting day already.



Abisha and Evelien entertained us with their dance party.



After getting a bite to eat we decided to check another spot from the iskateboard spot list that I had
never been to.  There were a few small sets of stairs, but nothing like the description or what we had in



On the way back to the cars I looked over to see Cara-Beth and Mimi hyperly skating a small curb and
flat ground with the biggest smiles on their faces.  Seeing the vert girls street skating made my day.



Slowly the heat started getting to everyone and one by one we all ended up under the shade tree and
knew it was time to go.



Blog Cam 4/18/09



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Vans Girls Clinic


There was a good turn out at the girls clinic at the Vans Skatepark in Orange this weekend.  Everyone
had a good time and most of the girls walked away with a couple new tricks in their bag.



A few of the Skateboard Moms showed up.



Cara-Beth Burnside and friend.



Evelien Bouilliart, Amy Caron and Alex White.



Vans Girls Skate Clinic 2009 Video




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Another Trick Down


Ana Paula picked up Lacey and a friend on her way to met up with me in Garden Grove.  I was really
impressed with her footwear choice for the day.



Lacey warming up.



Smile on her face after getting the trick we came to shoot/film within a few tries.  Good stuff!


We stopped by one more spot on the way back and called it an early day so Lacey could make it home
in time to have Easter diner with her family.



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Monday Night Session


After work today I met up with a few friends at the Vans park for my usual Monday night session.  
Perkins blasting an ollie. 



Abisha warming up on the rail.



Monique, Carli, Abisha and Lauren.



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LA with Lauren and Ana Paula


Lauren and I met up in Orange County, then drove out to LA to spend some time with Ana Paula who
has been a little lonely since Leticia went back to Brazil to visit family for a couple weeks.



We tried the Griffith Park ditch again, but most of it was still covered in mud and water.



Lauren warmed up on a little gap across the way.  If it didn't have the big crack, rough surface and land
into dirt it could be a fun spot.



I talked to Amy this morning and she told me about a new iphone application called iskateboard which
is a mobile skate spot directory.  So I downloaded it and we spent part of the day checking a few of
them out.  Amy couldn't join us today because she had "homework" to do.



Doesn't your school have skateboard lockers?



Or a mural like this?



Spot checking.



Filming a line for the blog.



The Wilshire rails have been knobbed and de-knobbed so many times that actual chunks of the rail are
missing now.



So they found a new way to skate proof the famous rails.



Blog Cam Footage



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