On Friday we picked up my friend Carli in Phoenix and made the 2 hour drive out to Sedona to skate
the park and get some other shots with the amazing scenery.  Lacey and Amy had some good doubles
lines going.



Leticia and Elizabeth at the Sedona Skatepark.



Myself and Alex, aka video nerds.



Amy looking pretty Rock Starish.



Our Arizona tour guide Carli Everhard.



Previa Driver and Skate Like a Girl S.F.'s Erica Harris with a fast plant.



After the park we drove around searching for a hill to bomb with the Sedona mountains in the background.  
Tiffany got a long lens shot of all the girls coming down the hill, then we decided to sit in the back of the
van and film with a fisheye as the girls followed behind us.  Lacey was looking pretty stylish doing speed
checks until one of her wheels caught on the rough asphalt and pitched her forward onto her hip.



Evelien and Stefanie.



Alex and Lacey.



Saturday morning we warmed up at new park in North Scottsdale.  Letica frontside 180 over hip.



Afterwards Carli and her friends meet up and took us to a church that sets up obstacles and lets the
kids skate every Saturday.  It was pretty crowded and looked fun to skate, but not anything we wanted
to film.  A few of the girls walked around the building and found a rock gap with nobody around, so we
decided to film there.  As soon as we set up and the girls started skating a bunch of the kids followed
over and started hucking themselves.  Lacey switch 180 with ease.



Footy check.



Carli and her skateboard bumper.



Afterwards we skated the Cactus banks until the sun went down.  The next morning Stefanie, Evelien,
Elizabeth and I joined the crew for one last session at the Peoria park before we had to get on the road
to get home in time for work and Evelien's flight home to Belgium the next day.




Blog Cam Footage from Day 3, 4 & 5.


Look for the skate footage from this trip in the upcoming Villa Villa Cola surf film "Dear & Yonder" due 
out in 2009.  Until then you can check out the rest of the photos from the trip by clicking here.




Tiffany from Villa Villa Cola is making a surf film called "Dear & Yonder" and wanted to include a skate
segment, so we scheduled a road trip to Arizona with 11 girls to skate, film and have fun.  We all left
from different locations Wednesday morning and met up at our hotel later that evening.  I picked up
Lacey that morning in Covina and made a quick stop by her local skate shop Utility to check out the
new etnies window display.



About an hour into our drive we meet up with Erica Harris's van load of girls.  She started out early by
picking up Evelien Bouilliart and Leticia Bufoni in Los Angeles, then stopped by Long Beach to pick up
Amy Caron and Stefanie Thomas before heading out.



Once we got to the Phoenix area Lacey and I split off again and went to the airport to pick up Alex
White and Elizabeth Nitu who both flew in from the San Fransisco area. Shortly after we arrived at the
hotel film producers Tiffany Morgan Campbell and Andrea Lessier pulled up from their drive that started
from San Diego this morning.  The timing worked out well and everyone was eager to go skating the
next morning.


Blog Cam Footage from Day 1.



The next morning we started out with breakfast at Coney Island Cafe.



Then we hit up the Wedge Skatepark.



Elissa Steamer's new Zero board is out now.  Go get one!



We got direction to a water park that is closed for the season and has a bunch of tranny walls in the
wave pool that get skated every winter.  Unfortunately there were puddles in the best spots, but
everyone still had a good time before getting kicked out.



The girls only got a couple minutes at this gap before getting kicked out as well.



Part of the crew on the way to the next spot.



The Tempe Skatepark was amazing.  We ended up skating there for hours and we got a bunch of



Blog Cam Footage from Day 2.


Arizona Days 3-5




We are currently on a filming trip in Arizonia. Photo and video coming soon...




Amy, Evelien, Stefanie and I cruised around LA today with no specific plan.  We check out a few spots
downtown then ended up skating a nearby school yard.




Afterward we headed to a foundation spot that Amy knew of with a variety of things to skate.  It looked
like a lot of fun, unfortunately there were about 30 grown men in a big circle playing some sort of game
with a small bouncing ball right where most of the skateable stuff was.  It was really weird, I've never
seen that before.



It ended up being a pretty mellow day, we weren't very productive but I had a good time hanging out with
friends...and I got to test out my new mini blog cam.



Amanda and Julie from Chicago are in town visiting their friend Gina who recently moved here for school.  
They met me at the Vans Skatepark after work today and we had a fun session.  Amy and Evelien also
came down to meet up and Priscilla was already there skating the combi.  There was enough going on
that I got out the video camera.  Unfortunately Evelien wasn't feeling well so her and Amy left early. 



Priscilla charging the Combi bowl.


I got a text from Lacey yesterday saying she had a line she wanted to film, so I went out to meet her today.  
She knocked out her line within a few minutes.  Since we had some day light left we decided to hit up
another spot.



Cameron and Lacey at the Irwindale ditch.






This weekend Caroline Kirkland from ESPN was hosting an X-Games interactive Learn-to-Skate park at
the "A Salute to Kids" charity event in Van Nuys.  So Alex, Sam, Shannon, Jim and I came out to help
teach.  We ended up introducing bunch of young kids to skateboarding while being challenged to more
games of s.k.a.t.e. than I can count by the older ones.  Nobody was able to get a letter on Alex!




This weekend Micaela from Poseiden put on a girls skate clinic at the Pala Skatepark to give some of
the young girls on the reservation a chance to learn to skate.  Vanessa Torres, Evelien Bouilliart, Amy
Caron, Sophie Poppe, Violet Kimble, Mimi Knoop, Jen O'Brien, Courtney Payne-Taylor, Mandy Esch,
Isabelle Caudle and a few others came out to help teach.   








It was raining this morning so I though skating was out for the day until I got a call from Sophie and

Evelien.  They where about 45 minutes north and things were dry in LA.  I picked up Lacey and meet

them at the Hollenbeck park. 



After the girls warmed up we went in search of a school Sophie and I had skated a few years ago.  We 
couldn't remember the name of the school or streets, we just knew it wasn't  too far from the park.  We
got out a map book and drove to every school within several miles with no luck.  By that time the sun
was already going down so we called it a day. 





The 605 ditch has become my new favorite meeting place/warm up spot because it is right off the
freeway, easy
to give directions to and not a bust.  Sophie Poppe and Evelien Bouilliart are in town so
we met up to get some filming done. 



While skating the usual bank we noticed a couple bmx guys down the way doing jumps off a bump, so
we went
to check it out.  Next to the bump they were riding there was another one made of bricks and
concrete over a 
water gap.  Nobody felt like losing their board to the slimy water below today. 



We got drinks and a quick bite to eat at the Target we were parked at and I learned some interesting
while waiting for our food.  1. Belgian children are told they are growing every time they
hiccup.  2. Peanut 
Butter is pretty much unheard of in Belgium and the girls had never tasted it until
their first time to the US. 



While filming a line at the Pacifica ledges Evelien snapped her tail after stomping a 50-50 frontside
shuv-it.  She
was in complete shock because it was only the 2nd board she had broken in her life.  She
grabbed my board
and went straight back to filming before she even tested it out.  We got 2 lines just
before rain drops started to