Stoner Plaza with Lacey & Vanessa

Quick warm up session at Stoner Plaza with Lacey Baker & Vanessa Torres.

Lacey Baker crooked grind to manual.

Vanessa Torres frontside tailslide.

Lacey Baker feeble.

Vanessa Torres backside tailslide.

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DIY Quarter with Chelsea

Meet up with Chelsea Castro in East LA to check out a new spot.

Nice DIY quarter pipe built on a dead end street.

Chelsea Castro kickflip 5-0.

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Venice with Amy & Michelle

Meet up with Amy Caron and friends in Venice Beach for a quick session.

Amy Caron ollieing over the channel.

Michelle "Estro Jen" Steilen blasting in her Moxi Rollerskates!

Amy Caron wall riding.

Michelle "Estro Jen" Steilen axle stall.

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Woodward West with Hoopla

I took a last minute trip up to Woodward Ward when I heard most of the hoopla girls would all be there with

Let the fun begin!

Nora Vasconcellos, Brittney Conrad and Samarria Brevard getting ready to launch into the foam pit.

Allysha Bergado mounted with a GoPro camera for a edit.

Allysha Bergado on the vert ramp.

Samarria Brevard having fun hucking herself off and down things.

Samarria Brevard blasting a kickflip to flat.

Alana Smith skated until she could barely stand.

Mimi Knoop and Cassandra Condon.

Kim Woozy!

Nora being Nora.

Nora Vasconcellos!

Thanks for the fun time!

Hoopla Skateboards - Woodward West 2012

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Meow Skateboards

This is the reason the blog has been neglected lately...I started a small skateboard company!

It has been a lot of work getting things set up and product made, but a lot of fun.

Boards and t-shirts now available at!  More to come soon...

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