Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama 2013

Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama turn out!

Founder Barbara Odanaka introducing recent Skateboard Hall of Fame inductee Laura Thornhill.

Laura Thornhill with supporters who attended the 1st Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama 10 years ago!

Laura Thornhill and Patti McGee.

For more info visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/mightymamaskateorama/.

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Westchester & Griffith Park

Lindsay Wallendorf, Samarria Brevard, Marissa Martinez, Tieerra Cobb and Monique O'Toole.

Samarria Brevard frontside boardslide.

Tierra Cobb.

Tierra Cobb halfcab noseslide.

Samarria Brevard feeble grind.

Marissa Martinez ollie into bank.

Samarria Brevard tailslide.

Blog Cam #57 - Westchester & Griffith Park

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Fergusson with Vanessa & Taylor

Ferguson Skatepark in Rialto, CA.

Vanessa Torres backsmith.

Vanessa Torres.

Taylor Beatty frontside 5-0.

Vanessa Torres having some fun.

Taylor Beatty pulling a noseblunt back in.

Samarria Brevard sighting!

Blog Cam #55 - Fergusson with Vanessa Torres & Taylor Beatty


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Venice Beach Skatepark & Enchiladas

Went to Venice Beach with these two.

Taylor Beatty scenic 5-0.

Kristin Ebeling ollieing into bank.

Taylor Beatty boneless.

Doesn't know her own strength.

Ran into Racine Hopkins skating near the boardwalk.

Racine Hopkins flipping into the slope.

Kristin Ebeling 5-0

Then Lizzie Armanto rolled up and we convinced her to go to the Westchester Plaza with us.

Kristin Ebeling nose manual.

Kristin doing doubles with Street Lizzie!

Miranda, Vanessa and Taylor .

Blog Cam #56 - Venice Beach Skatepark & Enchiladas


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605 Ditch & Downey Skatepark

Back to this spot again. Close to my house, can skate anytime and never get kicked out.

Taylor Beatty 5-0 slashing.

Amanda Castillo bigspin.

Taylor Beatty wallride.

After the sun went down we went to check out the Downey Skatepark.

Rena Acceta boardslide.

Rebecca Syracopoulos backside 5-0.

Taylor Beatty frontside tailslide.

Blog Cam #54 - 605 Ditch & Downey Skatepark

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