Girl Skate Links

Girls Riders Organization

Girls Riders Organization (GRO) is a nonprofit group launched in 2006 on a mission to inspire, educate and support girls in action sports. (USA)

The Alliance

The Alliance is a non-profit association of professional women skateboarders and action sports athletes united. (USA)


Female Surf, Skate, Snow site. (Spain)

All Girls Skate Jam

The All Girl Skate Jam events for all girls, all ages, and all abilities. (USA)

No Limit

Girls Skateboarding. (Sweden)

Suck My Trucks

Girls Skateboarding. (Germany)

Chica Rider

Website promoting the female skate scene in Mexico. (Mexico)


The Skirtboarders crew is a bunch of friends of all ages who simply skate together in Montréal and promote the female skate scene with their website and videos. (Canada)

Pink Spot

Female skateboarding magazine and website. (Mexico)

Poseuz Crew

Website of the Euros girl skaters crew Poseuz. (France)

Skate Like a Girl

Promoting women's skateboarding on the community level and at the same time striving to produce a collective of women who strive for social justice. (USA)

Skater Girl

Here to support girls skateboarding and report on all the news and action from around the world. (UK)

Chicks Flip Out

Chicks Flip Out is designed to promote and celebrate the participation of women in skateboarding. (Canada)

Grrls On Deck

GRRLSONDECK is a site dedicated to promoting women's skateboarding.


Shred waves, shred pow, shred concrete.

Shake Your Board

ShakeYourBoard is a blog created by girls, who are in love with skateboarding. (Poland)

Divas Skateras

Girls skateboarding. (Brazil)

Just Another Female Skate Blog

Girls Skateboarding. (Australia)

Girl On A Board

The Online Surf and Skate Magazine for Girls. (USA)