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Hey guys, anyone ever carved the Burton Bowl at the Burton Factory in Burlington, Vermont? How about the Bondville Bowl in Peru, VT? The bowl at Talent Skatepark in VT? Or the sketchy cereal at Rampage in Ludlow, Vt?

Or the Circus Bowl in Fort Lauderdale? Those are the only bowls I've ever ridden, but Bowl riding is so fun. I want to see some videos/photos of you girls shredding the bowls in your area!!! Lets make these groups active!!

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April 15 2012, a huge bowl in TX. It's 6 to 9 feet with a very nice cascade. I warmed up with some backside kick turns in this run.
is me a bit later, after I'm ready to attempt FS kickturns and carves. FS scare me! I've started FS kickturning Nov. 2011, and FS carves in Feb. 2012. I think I need to lift up my back foot.

I love flow bowls too, but the openess of a small or a big pool is addicting.
2 years ago
I've only skated bowls and pools in TX, VA, NY, CA

just discovered this Groups thing here on the website. *~*
2 years ago

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