"Forgotten Island was created with the intention to support and give back to approach the female skate in our country, to impact and generate own content to motivate and support all skaters that although we are becoming more, every day we are in the shade. This island is the point of attachment and motivation of the whole Spanish scene skaters that will inspire generations to come.

We want to create a space above show that our condition is our condition as women skaters. A space in which to convey that the greatest reward of skating is skating. It is based on this philosophy that we want to spread everything that is going on and what we want to happen in our scene.

On this website you can find inspiration from both national and international skaters but always tried to give relevance to our national riders."



For the first time ever, the Van Doren Invitational Women’s Bowl Contest at the US Open will be webcasted!
Watch it LIVE on Tuesday at 3pm PST > www.vansusopenofsurfing.com 



In 2009 Jenna released the first ever European female skate film ‘ As If, And What?’. Following on from its success, the director and filmmaker is back with the second installment, ‘Days Like These’.

With the level of female skating getting ever better it seemed like the right time to make a new film and to showcase what these girls are doing.’ Jenna explains. ‘The project will essentially document the skills of a core group of the top female riders in and around the UK and Ireland, showing how these riders interact with their environment (differently to most people) and how they creatively can make something from an object which most people wouldn't give a second thought to.’

Featuring a selection of the skate industry’s top female riders, such as Lucy Adams, Josie Millar and Dora Horvath, the film was shot all around UK and Ireland. Aside from the action, the project sets out to showcase the backgrounds of the girls in their local areas and visits some of the legendary women who have helped shape the industry into what it is today. ‘These women are out there pushing the sport of skateboarding. They are not just a group of people who carry a board around!’

Coming winter 2015.




Celebrating nearly a decade of immersive video experiences in women’s action sports, MAHFIA.TV rebrands and launches a new multi-media website. Watch the official teaser for the new site by going to MAHFIA.TV.

Now MAHFIA.TV is the leading digital global destination for women’s action sports culture in skate, snow, surf and wake. The new website developed by Southern California based Mittun Creative is a collective and interactive community sharing authentic content for female professional athletes, influencers and new participants. As an online media platform for youth culture marketing, it is a supportive network for female board sport enthusiasts.

“As the aggregate action sports industry has been evolving over the last five years, we’ve been planting our MAHFIA seeds around the globe. With the leading pulse on the market for female action sports, our new online media platform serves influencers and brands as a gateway to an untapped market of active female consumers. This is just the beginning; a surge is coming,” says Kim Woozy, Founder and President of MAHFIA.TV.

The new MAHFIA.TV is a user-friendly mobile responsive platform across all devices, where visitors can explore a curation of the best female action sports videos on the web and shop related products from partnering brand channels.

Tune in to the exclusive “MAHFIA Originals” channel, featuring a mini-series titled “Killin it Softly” that exposes female action sports culture in Asia. In the first episode “Japanese Girls Skate,” MAHFIA travels to Tokyo to find Chihiro Uchida, founder of Sunny Skateboards and Yuri Murai, producer of “Joy & Sorrow,” a film featuring over 60 female skateboarders in Japan. As pioneers of the female skateboarding movement in Asia, these women are breaking cultural barriers and encouraging females to participate in the joy of skateboarding.




For the most part, skateboarding is a male-dominated activity. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of girls out there who rip just as hard as the guys. It's just that the scrapes, bruises, and dirt that come along with it typically don't appeal to the average female. But Leticia Bufoni (@leticiabufoni) is slowly but surely changing that stereotype. We go back to São Paulo, Brazil to see how it all started and hear firsthand how growing up wasn't exactly a bed of roses. Everyone has a story. Everyone comes from somewhere. Never forget where you're from and always know where you're going.

Watch "Push - Leticia Bufoni" Episode 1 at theberrics.com/push-leticia-bufoni-episode-1/.


"They ride the subway, skate street spots in all boroughs, drink Coconut water, eat pastelitos for lunch and drink 40’s at the courthouse at night. Based in NY, the Latina skate crew Brujas combine skate, art, parties, and life to put on girl skaters of color and Latinas in the Bronx and the Heights. In South American and Caribbean culture, Brujeria describes the work of women healers, saints, and spiritual mentors. The Brujas crew are skate witches rebalancing the streets with their femme energy."

Read full article at www.browntourage.com.


Poseiden Foundation 6th Annual "LADIES DAY" at The The Berrics!!

MUST BRING A CANNED FOOD ITEM and RSVP by filling out the RSVP Form FOR ENTRY: http://goo.gl/forms/6xKbW4LN5u

Once you have RSVP'd please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be checking names at the entrance, so MAKE SURE you're on the list! 

Instagran Contest

Here is your chance to win a Meow Skateboards Lacey Baker Smarties pro deck!  Good luck! #givememeow


"Thanks to the entire crew from Volcom and Osiris for all your support over the years. It has been great working with these brands and they will always be special to me. Today, I’m entering a new chapter in my skate career as I’m excited and honored to announce that I’m joining the Nike SB family!" - Leticia Bufoni (via Instagram)



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