Underexposed Now Available on iTunes



"Underexposed: A Women's Skateboarding Documentary" is now available on iTunes! 

Professional skateboarder Amelia Brodka examines the skateboarding industry's approach to how it markets, promotes and supports women in its sport. Underexposed explores the past, present and future of women's skateboarding. It focuses on the current uprise of female skaters by featuring footage of girls ripping all over the world. The film couples skate footage with interviews from the top marketing and media professionals of the skateboarding industry. Interviews include the heads of Thrasher, TransWorld, Etnies, Toy Machine, SkateOne and Hoopla. By exploring the business side of skateboarding, Underexposed seeks to figure out how to generate more opportunities for women in skateboarding. 

Get it on iTunes now!


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New OG Betty Site Up

The Original Betty Skateboard Company just launched their newly revamped website.  Check it out at www.ogbetty.com.

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Pocahontas at The Berrics

"OMG!!! Even Pocahontas showed up for Thanksgiving at the Berrics, and apparently her skills aren't limited to painting with the colors of the wind and unifying races. She also has a pretty mean tre flip and isn't scared of tackling the ten rail!" - The Berrics


Watch video here!

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Cooler Pro Chat: Allysha Bergado

"Pint sized pro, Allysha Bergado may be under 5ft and only 17 years old but she’s clocked up 9 years on a board already! Aged 9 she was competing and at 12 gained her first X Games Barcelona invite, now 17 she’s a veteran of skate without the wrinkles. What she lacks in physical height she makes up for in the bowl, vert and park. Backside airing over all of us! Since the X Games in Barcelona last May, she’s been skating all over the place and has just returned from a trip to Japan with Lizzie Armanto and the Mahfia crew. We try and ask her about everything!" - Cooler 

Read full interview online at cooler.mpora.com.

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Kim Woozy TEDx Talk

Our friend Kim Woozy of Mahfia.tv recently did a great "If she can do it, so can I" TEDx Talk which is now available to watch online.

She was also interviewed by Molly Hawkins of Outliers and link to Podcast available at outliersproject.com.


Make sure to check out Kim's work at Mahfia.tv!

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MovieTickets.com Welcomes Samarria Brevard

Samarria Brevard is officially welcomed to Movie Tickets.com team!  Check out her team page with photos and welcome video at http://inaction.movietickets.com/samarria-brevard/.


Also make sure to check out teammates Mimi Knoop and Nora Vasconcellos.


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Exposure on Fox5 San Diego

Amelia Brodka, Alana Smith, Annika Vrklan and Klara Vrklan were live on Fox5 San Diego News Wednesday morning getting the word out about Exposure 2013 this weekend.  Hope to see you there!


Watch segment at http://video.fox5sandiego.com/Women-Show-Off-Their-Skateboarding-Skills-At-YMCA-Skatepark-25309056.


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Leticia Bufoni Osiris Shoe Now Available!


Osiris just released Leticia Bufoni's signature colorway of the "Decay" shoe with custom "Yeah Yeah!!" detail and "Bufoni" insole. Get yours now at osirisshoes.com!

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New Girls Skate Australia Site Up


girls skate australia


Our good friends at Girls Skate Australia just relaunched their website with a great new design and content.  Make sure to check out Shari White's "The Secret Life of a Skateboard" Zine, Kat Williams's chat with Lacey Baker, Top 3 Ladies Skate Parts of All Time, and Profiles of some of the top Australian talent.  

Visit GirlsSkateAustralia.com for more!

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Lyn-z in Endless Skater

Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana is a character in the new Endless Skater video game which is exclusively on Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface starting today!

 To download the game for free, go to the Windows Store here:



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Leticia Bufoni - The Osiris Experience



TransWorld SKATEboarding has posted some photos and video of the practice session in Prague for The Osiris Experience with Leticia Bufoni, Chad Bartie, Taylor Bingaman, Corey Duffel, JT Aulyz and more.


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Alana Smith World Record


Alana Smith became the youngest X Games medalist, when she won silver in Women’s Skateboard Park at X Games Barcelona aged 12 years 210 days.


Congratulations Alana!!!

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Behind Real Women: Mimi Knoop


Go behind the scenes of the making of Mimi Knoop's X Games Real Women video contest entry at xgames.espn.go.com.


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Nyjah Sorry for Comments About Female Skateboarders


"Defending Street League Skateboarding champion Nyjah Huston found himself at the center of a gender-driven controversy this week when he was quoted in Thrasher Magazine saying, "Some girls can skate but I personally believe that skateboarding is not for girls at all. Not one bit."

Huston, who declined to comment for this story, backpedaled quickly and by Monday afternoon had posted an apology on Twitter."


Read full article at xgames.espn.go.

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