Ladies Day at The Berrics


Poseiden Foundation 6th Annual "LADIES DAY" at The The Berrics!!


Once you have RSVP'd please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They will be checking names at the entrance, so MAKE SURE you're on the list! 

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Instagram Contest

Instagran Contest

Here is your chance to win a Meow Skateboards Lacey Baker Smarties pro deck!  Good luck! #givememeow

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Leticia Bufoni Joins Nike SB


"Thanks to the entire crew from Volcom and Osiris for all your support over the years. It has been great working with these brands and they will always be special to me. Today, I’m entering a new chapter in my skate career as I’m excited and honored to announce that I’m joining the Nike SB family!" - Leticia Bufoni (via Instagram)



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New Opportunities For Female Skaters

X Games

"Call it YouTube, GoPro or Facebook, or call it a whole new way of sharing media that circumvents the gatekeepers who have historically decided what content does and doesn't make it into the world. Whatever the contributing factors, the result is the same: Women are connected directly to each other now; they don't need anyone else to tell them what's up."

Read full article at


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Underexposed Now Available on iTunes



"Underexposed: A Women's Skateboarding Documentary" is now available on iTunes! 

Professional skateboarder Amelia Brodka examines the skateboarding industry's approach to how it markets, promotes and supports women in its sport. Underexposed explores the past, present and future of women's skateboarding. It focuses on the current uprise of female skaters by featuring footage of girls ripping all over the world. The film couples skate footage with interviews from the top marketing and media professionals of the skateboarding industry. Interviews include the heads of Thrasher, TransWorld, Etnies, Toy Machine, SkateOne and Hoopla. By exploring the business side of skateboarding, Underexposed seeks to figure out how to generate more opportunities for women in skateboarding. 

Get it on iTunes now!


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Pocahontas at The Berrics

"OMG!!! Even Pocahontas showed up for Thanksgiving at the Berrics, and apparently her skills aren't limited to painting with the colors of the wind and unifying races. She also has a pretty mean tre flip and isn't scared of tackling the ten rail!" - The Berrics


Watch video here!

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Cooler Pro Chat: Allysha Bergado

"Pint sized pro, Allysha Bergado may be under 5ft and only 17 years old but she’s clocked up 9 years on a board already! Aged 9 she was competing and at 12 gained her first X Games Barcelona invite, now 17 she’s a veteran of skate without the wrinkles. What she lacks in physical height she makes up for in the bowl, vert and park. Backside airing over all of us! Since the X Games in Barcelona last May, she’s been skating all over the place and has just returned from a trip to Japan with Lizzie Armanto and the Mahfia crew. We try and ask her about everything!" - Cooler 

Read full interview online at

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