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"Work in skateboarding is an educational video website that shows the diversity of jobs in skateboarding, their accessibility and how similar roles can apply to other sport industries.

It’s going to be a resource for kids who are beginning to plan their career paths and are unaware of all the different job options within skateboarding.

The main goal of the website is to invest in the next generation of skateboarding, nurturing their growth and creativity and supplying them with information they can use to become a part of the industry." - Samantha Chami

This awesome idea and resource still needs help becoming a reality, for more info and ways you can help visit

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All Girl Skate Jam Fontana Results

APRIL 15, 2012

1. Sarah Thompson
2. Cara Lawson
3. Arianna Carmona
4. Ari Smolin
5. Felicity Coral

1. Ari Smolin

Suck My Trucks Results 2012

APRIL 7, 2012

1. Candy Jacobs (NED)
2. Sarah Meurle (SWE)
3. Emma Lindgren (SWE)
4. Julia Brückler (AUS)
5. Lea Schairer (GER)
6. Caroline Dynybil (CZE)
7. Malene Madsen (DEN)
8. Lydia Wilfling (GER)
9. Klára Kašparová (CZE)
10. Katta Sterner (SWE)
11. Petra Hrasova (CZE)
11. Natascha Raible (GER)
11. Héloïse Wathelet (BEL)
14. Kim Wibbelt (GER)
15. Sabrina Göggel (GER)
16. Lynn Dziobeck (GER)
17. Anna Kruse (GER)
18. Sophie Menzel (GER)

1. Renata Paschini (BRA)
2. Franziska Stolz (SUI)
3. Anna Kruse (GER)



Zeke and Luther - Skater Girl Island

Disney's Zeke and Luther show had an episode titled "Skater Girl Island" which 1st aired in 2011. 

"Riot wants to add a female skater to the team for the upcoming "Roll Into Summer" promo tour, and Eddie Coletti informs Zeke and Luther that they must hire the new addition. With their work cut out for them, they set out to find Skater Girl Island."

I know you all skate at "that magical place with no guys, just girls shredding it up" right?  Ha!  Funny stuff.


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The Alliance Video Contest!

alliance flyer_final

The Alliance is looking for the best up and coming female street skateboarders! We know girls are out there skating and progressing in their hometowns, so we want to see your best footage! The top 3 entries will win special "behind the scenes" passes to the 2012 X Games Women’s Street contest (held during June 28th - July 1, 2012). The lucky lady with the top judged video gets to skate with the pros in the official women's street practice the week leading up to X Games! X Games is synonymous with GOING BIG! With the largest prize purse in women's skating history, this is the premiere skate contest for the ladies of street. The winners will be carefully chosen by our official X Games street selection committee. Good luck!


Visit for for rules and contest details!

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Spunk Skate Zine

Mimi Knoop has been working with longtime friends to relaunch the 80's Spunk Skate Zine, this time in a digital version that is available to view online.  The first issue features interviews with both Mimi Knoop and Jen O'Brien among other great content.

Check it out at!

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On Pace With Pastrana Ep. 1


Travis Pastrana has a new show on The Red Bull Youtube Channel which features his wife, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, and their new life together.


“The premise of the show is about Travis Pastrana’s life and his transition to being a married man and into NASCAR, and the struggles that come with that,” explains Andy Bell, one of Pastrana’s best friends and series producers. “We’re going to show the guy that nobody ever has seen before; totally raw, really funny and amazingly dorky. This is absolutely the real Travis Pastrana.”


The 20-episode series called "On Pace with Pastrana" goes live every other Monday at 10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET.

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Mimi Knoop in Method Soap Commercial


Check out this Method Soap commercial Mimi Knoop was recently in skating a sink full of bubbles (1:35)! 

"About a month ago I skated in a commercial for Method Soap up in Oakland, CA. The set was trippy and cool- in fact, it seemed like something straight out of Alice and Wonderland. I skated in a giant “sink” (aka mini-ramp) filled with over 2,000 balloons. Other parts of the set included a giant sponge/trampoline, a huge brite lite made out of handwash bottles, and a marching band in their underwear." - Visit for full story for behind the scene photos.

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