Cooler Magazine tracked down German skateboarder Anna Kruse to talk about getting on board and dealing with injuries.  View full interview online at


Congratulations to Kat Williams for winning the 2012 Alliance Video Contest and chance to skate the course with the pros in the official women's street practice the week leading up to X Games along with other prizes!

Closely behind her were Alana Smith and Julia Brückler who also win special "behind the scenes" passes to the X Games Los Anggeles 2012 Women's Street contest and prizes from contest sponsors Hoopla, Nixon, Bones, Vans and Neff! 


1. Kat Williams (AUSTRALIA)
2. Alana Smith (USA)
3. Julia Brückler (AUSTRIA)
4. Chelsea Castro (USA)
5. (tie) Jennifer Soto (USA)
5. (tie) Pipa Souza (BRAZIL)
6. Nanaka Fujisawa (JAPAN)
7. Chrissy Brown (USA)
8. Kaya Isa (JAPAN)
9. Lucy Adams (ENGLAND)
10. Lainy Kiser (USA) 


Visit to view top 5 videos.


"Allysha Bergado is only 15 and she’s done more in her seven years skating, than most people do in their lifetimes. She’s competed in the X Games and the Dew Tour, and even educates young women on health issues. This bowl-shredder has the talent, focus and personality to make an impact on girls and boys around the globe. As if that isn’t enough she does amazing in school and somehow manages to have a life by balancing her academics, skateboarding and travels. Allysha talks about a range of topics from what she does for fun to how she’s adjusting to contests altogether eliminating the girls sections." - Poweredge


Read the full interview online at



FAR'n HIGH 2012
MAY 27, 2012


1. Leticia Bufoni
2. Aura Bredart
3. Emma Fastesson
4. Julia Bruckler
5. Candy Jacob
6. Anita Arvalo Almonte
7. Kate Shengeliya
8. Tonje Petersen


1. Tonje Peterson
2. Julia Brueckler
3. Marion Fernande
4. Candy Jacobs
5. Evelien Bouilliart
6. Kate Shengeliya
7. Emma Fastesson
8. Lois Pendlebury
9. Sarah Meurle
10 Sophie Allen


1. Danni Gallacher
2. Emma Richardson
3. Leticia Bufoni
4. Marie Dabbadie
5. Anita Arvelo Almonte
6. Charlotte Him
7. Heloise Wathelet
8. Aura Bredart
9. Lisa Jacob

Lizzie Armanto and Ben Hatchell have joined as ambassadors for Step Up, a new company that aims to develop and grow skateboarding in countries with limited access through distribution, facilities, clinics and instruction.  They just returned from a trip to Kuwait and Bahrain visiting middle schools and spreading the goodwill of skateboarding to the youth.

Our friends at Asiplanchaba in Spain have expanded and released their first board series including Jart collaboration Ianire Elorriaga signature model and Asiplanchaba Cruiser model.  Congratulations girls!

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