Pocahontas at The Berrics

"OMG!!! Even Pocahontas showed up for Thanksgiving at the Berrics, and apparently her skills aren't limited to painting with the colors of the wind and unifying races. She also has a pretty mean tre flip and isn't scared of tackling the ten rail!" - The Berrics


Watch video here!

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Cooler Pro Chat: Allysha Bergado

"Pint sized pro, Allysha Bergado may be under 5ft and only 17 years old but she’s clocked up 9 years on a board already! Aged 9 she was competing and at 12 gained her first X Games Barcelona invite, now 17 she’s a veteran of skate without the wrinkles. What she lacks in physical height she makes up for in the bowl, vert and park. Backside airing over all of us! Since the X Games in Barcelona last May, she’s been skating all over the place and has just returned from a trip to Japan with Lizzie Armanto and the Mahfia crew. We try and ask her about everything!" - Cooler 

Read full interview online at cooler.mpora.com.

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Kenzo Launch Party


Lizzie Armanto, Nora Vasconcellos, Vanessa Torres and Eliana Sosco made news in the fashion world earlier this month after skating on a diner table during a Kenzo Kalifornia bag launch party at The Berrics.



"During the candlelit dining experience hosted by farm-to-table caterers Root of All Food, the evening's co-hosts, Ms. Jones, Carrie Brownstein, China Chow, Gia Coppola and Riley Keough, looked on as four world-class female skateboarders shredded throughout the space. One notable guest, Jessica Alba, couldn't resist sharing the unique affair with her two-million-plus Instagram followers and posted a video of the moment when Nora Vasconcellos, Eliana Sosco, Lizzie Armanto and Vanessa Torres glided down the dinner table itself" -elle.com

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Exposure 2013 Results

NOVEMBER 2, 2013

1. Allysha Bergado ($1200)
2. Lizzie Armanto ($1000)
3. Julz Lynn ($900)
4. Nora Vasconcellos ($800)
5. Amelia Brodka ($600)
6. Sarah Thompson ($500)
7. Nicole Hause
8. AmeeJay Papelera
9. Natalie Krishna Das
10. Erin Wolfkiel
11. Cara Lawson

1. Lizzie Armanto ($1200)
2. Mimi Knoop ($1000)
3. Allysha Bergado ($900)
4. Gaby Ponce ($800)
5. Nicole Hause ($600)
6. Karen Jonz ($500)
7. Amelia Brodka
8. Julz Lynn
9. Alana Smith
9. Renata Paschini

1. Arianna Carmona
2. Annika Vrklan
3. Bryce Ava Wettstein
4. Poppy Starr Olsen
5. Jordyn Barratt
6. Spencer Breaux
7. Pauline Branum
8. Brittney Conrad
9. Brighton Zeuner
10. Beverly Flood
11. Minna Stess
12. Madi Thomas
13. Alisha Stevens
14. Taryn Ross
14. Michelle Yoon
16. Laura Logue
16. Christelle Auzas
18. Zoe Safanda
18. Julie Westfall
20. Klara Vrklan

1. Arianna Carmona
2. Poppy Starr Olsen
3. Annika Vrklan
4. Bryce Ava Wettstein
5. Jordyn Barratt
6. Spencer Breaux
7. Beverly Flood
8. Brighton Zeuner
9. Pauline Branom
10. Alishia Stevens
11. Minna Stess
12. Taryn Ross

Ladies Night at The Berrics

For the most part, skateboarding is a male-dominated activity. This is probably because the scrapes, bruises, and dirt that come along with it generally don't appeal to the average female. That's not to say that there aren't plenty of girls out there that rip just as hard as the guys. This crew of ladies from the Poseiden Foundation are a perfect example of that. Sorry dudes, no boys allowed. It's ladies night. - The Berrics

Watch video at http://theberrics.com/gen-ops/ladies-night.html!

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Ladies Night @ The Berrics

Poseiden Foundations's West Coast Tour is ending with a Ladies Night at The Berrics.  All ladies are welcome. Come skate with us!

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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Tim Brauch Memorial Results 2013


AUGUST 23-24, 2013

15 & OVER
1. Julz Lynn
2. Allysha Bergado
3. Sarah Thompson
4. Hunter Long
5. Katherine Folsom
6. Amelia Brodka
7. Jean Rusen
8. Abby Zsarney
9. Bia Sodre
10. Brittney Conrad
11. Kayla Caballero

14 & UNDER
1. Arianna Carmona
2. Pauline Branom
3. Bryce Ava Wettstein
4. Zoe Safanda
5. Heidi Mayhan

Full results at www.wcsk8.com.

Complex Mag's 10 You Should Know

"Since the beginning a select few women have been skating. Peggy Oki was one of the original Z-Boys, Patti McGee got the cover of Life Magazine back in 1965. For some reason there has always been a gender gap with the boys going bigger and having better style than the girls, but thanks to a long list of girls throughout skateboarding’s history, that gender gap is closing. Here we have a list of 10 girls who are writing the next chapter of women’s skateboarding history. Some are poised to cross the gender divide and be just as good as the boys."

See who made the list at Complex.com.


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