I'm An Adult Lady Skateboarder

I'm an adult lady skateboarder

"I think the most excellent and mature decision of my adult life was to start skateboarding at 36 years old." - Tara Jepsen

Read full article at www.xojane.com.


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Mimi's B4BC Skate the Coast Recap

Mimi Knoop's B4BC Skate the Coast recap and photos at www.mimi-knoop.com!

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B4BC Skate the Coast

b4bc skate the coast

Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC) Skate the Coast starts at 8:00AM!  Mimi Knoop, Allysha Bergado, Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto will be skating the 18-mile marathon that promotes an active lifestyle while raising awareness and funds for B4BC's education and support programs. Come out and longboard, bike, or skate for Boarding for Breast Cancer on September 29!

Visit for www.b4bc.org for more info.


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Ladies Day at The Berrics

Ladies Day at The Berrics

"A crew of ladies from the Poseiden Foundation recently stopped by the park during their West Coast Tour. It happened to be the hottest day of the year that day… Coincidence? Hmmm..." The Berrics

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Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 4

Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 4


"It is with a heavy heart that I say this is the last part of the Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd series. We've learned a lot about Elissa over the past four weeks, like, she has a sick kickflip and she's pretty easy going. In this part, Elissa explains what "life after skate" is like and how surfing may actually be the key to her future. Enjoy." - Epicly Later'd



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Skate Like a Girl on Fox News

Kristin Ebeling - Skate Like a Girl - Fox News


Kristin Ebeling was live on Fox News this morning representing Skate Like a Girl! Full segment available to view online at video.foxnews.com.

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Abisha Alshebaiki - Beats by Dre Commercial

Abisha Alshebaiki - Beats by Dre Commercial

Abisha Alshebaiki is featured on the Beats By Dre homepage and in the new commercial airing now!


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Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Jam Results 2012


SEPTEMBER 22, 2012


1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Julie Kindstrand
3. Allysha Bergado
4. Justyce Tabor
5. Abby Zsarnay
6. Arianna Carmona
7. Katherine Folsom
8. Amelia Brodka
9. Amme Jay Papelera
10. Evelyn Abad
11. Alex Harper
12. Bryce Wettstein
13. Sarah Thompson
14. Nicole Noller
15. Patty Fung
16. Jordyn Baratt
17. Beverly Flood
18. Kayla Caballero
19. Cara Lawson
20. Katarina Arlid
21. Faydra Rose
22. Tarryn Ross

Full results at www.wcsk8.com.

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Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 3

Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 3


"In Part 3, our pal Ed Templeton shows us his collection of old photos of Elissa getting fucked up. Nothing too serious, just beers. Then we hear from Elissa and a few other old souls about the Jump Off a Building glory days. Please enjoy." - Epicly Later'd



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Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 2



"In Part 2 of our Elissa Steamer episode, we hear more about what it was like for the best girl skater in the world to hang out in an all-dudes world. These were the days of making Welcome to Hell after everyone had left it all behind to try to make it in California. Days when everyone on Toy Machine would wake up, get stoned on Jamie’s porch, and then go work on something that they knew was going to be special. That's how skateboarding history is made. Enjoy. " - Epicly Later'd



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Ladies Day at The Berrics

Poseiden Foundation West Coast Tour Finale 2012! Attention All Ladies! Come Skate The Berrics September 15th from 12:00PM-3:00PM.

RSVP at contact info above for details.


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Tragic Loss of Skateistan Youth

"On the morning of Saturday September 8th a suicide attack in Kabul claimed the lives of a number of young Afghans. The bomb was detonated outside of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) HQ, where many of the street working children of Kabul sell trinkets, scarves and chewing gum to help support their families.

We are very sad to learn that of the six young children confirmed to have passed away, four of them were students, volunteers and youth leaders at Skateistan, who were well-loved and well-known faces for the entire team in Kabul. It is therefore with great pain and heavy hearts that we share our memories of children who were not just victims of senseless violence, but also beautiful human beings who will never be forgotten by their teachers, peers, co-workers, students, friends or family." - Skateistan

Visit www.skateistan.org to view shared memories of the young victims and donate to the Emergency Fund set up to provide assistance to Skateistan students and their families in times of need.


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Elissa Steamer Epicly Later'd Part 1

"We’re psyched to finally have a female pro skater on the show, and who better than Elissa Steamer, the first female pro skater ever. In the first part, we hang out at Elissa's house and then hear about her Toy Machine years from Jamie Thomas, Mike Maldonado, Brian Anderson, and the Muska himself. Featuring footage from Welcome to Hell, here’s the beginning of a truly historic Epicly episode. Enjoy." - Epicly Later'd



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Superlative Spaces: Sarah Meurle!

WeActivist Sarah Muerle - skateboarder and photographer takes us to Stockholm and her tells us her favourite things to do: exploring and taking photos.

Watch video at www.wesc.com.

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