In 2004 Thrasher hosted the first contest at Wallenberg called "High Noon at the Big Four" in which
Elissa Steamer impressed the crowd as the first and only female to attempt the legendary 18' gap.  The
roll up to the big four was altered years ago making it impossible to get enough speed without a roll in
ramp, now 5 years later some new faces got their shot.



This year Marisa Dal Santo, Evelien Bouilliart and relatively unknown Racine Hopkins gave it their all as
the crowd cheered them on.  


Racine Hopkins gave it 3 attempts.



Evelien Bouilliart gave it 5 attempts.



Marisa Dal Santo gave it 11 attempts and was as close as you can get without rolling way.



Elissa Steamer was there cheering on her friends and was quick to lend her board after Marisa's broke.



Thrasher Magazine Highlights.


Slap Magazine recorded live web broadcast from the roll in ramp. (Girls start skating at 17:30)

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